Venus For Men

Men sometimes feel a bit left out of the action when their partner’s got a Sybian, or then want something they can enjoy, a mechanical sex toy for men! Does such a thing exist? Well, yes….

The Venus For Men

This is a masturbation machine which can take your penis in its soft, warm, wet embrace, and bring you slowly or rapidly to an orgasm so mind-blowing you won’t know what’s hit you!

Venus 2000 masturbation machine for men
Venus For Men – yes, it really is a masturbation machine for men!

Indeed, the Venus For Men is the only masturbation machine from men which gives you the sensations of enjoying sex with a real-life partner.

You have complete control over the suction device which you can program to suck, thrust, or apply pressure to your cock in whichever way you want.

This power to produce literally infinite variable sensations allows you to find the best way of stimulating yourself to the biggest orgasm, the quickest orgasm, the most satisfying orgasm, you’ve ever experienced.

The Venus For Men was developed by the same company responsible for the development of the incredible Sybian orgasm machine for women.

And that means it’s unique, it’s highly sophisticated, it’s very well built, and it does exactly what it claims to do – masturbate men to orgasm in a way that is hard to achieve with your own hand!

The Venus For Men - Partner to The Sybian
The Sybian – partner to the Venus For Men

In fact it’s hard to imagine how any man could enjoy the sensations of masturbation, of penile stimulation, in a more satisfying way than with the Venus For Men.


Who Is Venus For?

All men. You included.

You see, the uniquely soft, hard, gentle, fierce, pulsating, throbbing, sucking, squeezing, stimulation of the Venus For Men can literally bring you to your knees when you come!

An orgasm of such intensity goes through your whole body, you feel as if your entire body is electrified at the moment of orgasm.

It’s great to use with a partner, and for men who aren’t in a relationship, the Venus For Men is a fantastic device which comes highly recommended.

And for couples, where you’re into sex play with each other, believe me, your woman is going to find this just about the most arousing, sexiest thing she’s ever witnessed! You, brought to orgasm by a machine which she can control!

A woman enjoying an orgasm
A woman enjoying her orgasm

For those into orgasm denial, or orgasm on command, this is a tool that has to feature in your armoryIndeed, if you’re into BDSM at all, this is a machine which will astound you.

The male equivalent of the Sybian for women, the Venus for men is a technological masterpiece.

Imagine, if you will, pushing your cock into a lubricated membrane which feels just like the inside of a real partner, lubricated, warm, smooth and soft, and then being able to control the machine’s compressed air supply so that you can make sure the membrane pulsates and squeezes your cock head and glans, sliding smoothly up and down your shaft as it does so, all hands-free.

This is truly amazing.

It really is the male equivalent of the Sybian for women. It can produce orgasms just as powerful as the Sybian, and you’re in complete control of the intensity of the sensations. You’ll never  have experienced anything like this before.

Edging Is Easy

Prolonged masturbation is easy, which means bringing yourself to the edge of a massive orgasm and keeping yourself there for as long as you like is simple – edging becomes easy.

And if you suffer from premature ejaculation, then this is probably the best way of learning to control your ejaculation (next to being inside a real partner).

You can keep yourself on the edge of orgasm for hours, fluttering before ejaculation, using your machine to hold yourself therefore as long as you desire, extending your capacity and endurance every time you do this, until eventually your partner will see you as a sex God!

That’s because you will be able to keep going for just as long as you want until you decide to ejaculate.

ejaculation control
Man learning ejaculation control

(Orgasm control for men is about learning tolerance of the stimulation that brings you to orgasm, so when you’re in complete control of the stimulation, you can gradually increase your endurance and stamina by turning up the force and pressure of the machine each time you use it. This is a great way to overcome premature ejaculation, to control your ejaculation so that you have complete choice of when you come during sex.)

Another great advantage of the Venus For Men is the fact that it allows men with a high sex drive to satisfy themselves when their partner might not want to engage in intercourse.

Having said that, many men report that when they use the Venus For Men, their partners find it so exciting that they actually want to enjoy intercourse – or at least to get out the Sybian and ride it to their own orgasm!

 In fact, such powerful machines controlling your sexuality – if that’s how you choose to use them – or staying in charge of your sexual arousal – if that’s how you choose to use it – can be powerful turn on for both members of a couple.

One guy wrote to us to say: “Thank you for asking how I got on with my recent purchase of the Venus For Men. It’s absolutely fantastic – I never expected to enjoy orgasms as powerful. And believe me I’m not sexually naive – I’ve had loads of women, I’ve done Tantra courses, and I’ve generally been regarded as a bit of a stud by the women I’ve been with.

“But there’s always something new to try, and the Venus For Men has been a revelation – extending my ability to make love from 10 minutes to 20, allowing me to maintain an erection for as long as I desire, and more than anything else, to give my partner extreme sexual satisfaction by f*cking her until she comes uncontrollably. She’s really grateful for it, and so am I.

“But what I want to say to your readers is this: if you’re in any doubt about the price of the machine, just take the chance and buy it anyway, because you’ll be buying yourself a lifetime of pleasure, a lifetime of pleasure that will give you orgasms more powerful than you could ever have imagined.”

And the wife of one man who’d bought the Venus For Men wrote to add this to his testimonial: “When we got the Sybian for me, my husband felt a bit left out – it was a bit like I had all the Christmas presents at once and he’d received nothing! So we bought him a Venus masturbation machine that he could enjoy when I rode the Sybian – and that’s exactly how it’s turned out to be, we use the two machines together. Me riding my Sybian, him coming with his Venus For Men. And believe me when I say this has transformed our sex life from something fantastic to something totally unbelievable.

“You can’t imagine how exciting it is to watch your partner being brought off by a machine – particularly if you happen to be holding the controls! I recommend the Venus for men because it just gives him such pleasure.

“And I recommend the Sybian for women because I have reached a level of orgasmic ability I never imagined I could achieve – it’s now possible for me to have as many orgasms I want in the space of 2 hours – now I will admit that sometimes I only want one big orgasm, but if I want to go back into the orgasmic bliss over and over again, well, so be it!

“So far my record is 15 orgasm peaks in about about 30 minutes. I can’t praise the Sybian too highly, it gives me total control of my orgasms, with or without my husband!”

Offering you the opportunity for sexual pleasure much more cheaply than the Sybian can!