Sybian Testimonials 1

Middle America teachers enjoy the Sybian

I just had to write and tell you about the powerful effect the Sybian has had on our sex lives.

You see, I and my husband come from a middle-class white background, both sexually repressed as we were growing up in a small God-fearing town.

Sybian clitoral stimulator
Sybian clitoral stimulator in use

We pretty much chose each other as sexual partners because we grew up near each other, and we’d known each other from childhood.

Our wedding night was a disaster, and things didn’t get much better after the birth of our two children – in fact, sex pretty much stopped.

Of course it’s easy to hide the fact from your partner that you have urges which aren’t being satisfied when there’s the care of the family, and the pressures of work to deal with, but our lives changed when our eldest boy went to college, and we suddenly found ourselves faced with the prospect of dealing with the “elephant in the room” which was our sex lives. Or the lack of a sex life!

In fact by that time sex had pretty much diminished to once every three months, and it was more as a favor to my husband than for any other reason that we had sex at all.

I knew I wasn’t happy about this, satisfying myself by occasionally masturbating when he was out of the house, but I still felt frustrated and angry about the lack of sex.

Fortunately everything changed one day when J. called me into his study. He said, quite abruptly, “Take a look at this. I want us to try it.”

On the screen there was a video of a woman enjoying a massive orgasm she rode the Sybian.

Well, to say I was shocked ain’t a small part of the truth – I’d kind of guessed that he might be satisfying his sexual urges by masturbating in private, but nothing prepared me for the kind of porn that he was looking at.

woman on the Sybian
Woman about to ride the Sybian

Yet at the same time, I have to admit there was a kind of tingling in my pelvis, and somewhere in my mind the possibility occurred to me that this might be the start of something newthat could change our lives completely.

I watched in silence as the woman screamed her head off as the Sybian’s powerful dildo thrust into her and rotated, bringing her to a massive orgasm. The video stopped, and we looked at each other, and I could see from the expression on his face that he really wanted me to try it.

And the truth is that I was wet, wetter than I’d been for ages! I guess you can only go on denying your human need for sexual satisfaction for a certain length of time before it all becomes too much.

Besides which, I knew very well that unless we did something our relationship was in danger.

So, my voice croaking, I said to him “OK, let’s do it.”

Well, those simple words lit a fire under our sex lives. Within days my hubby had organized the Sybian’s delivery to our house, and set it up, and to his credit, he did that in a very sensitive way.

Soft lights, sweet music, warm bedroom, a wonderful bath full of rose petals beforehand – all things that we’d lost completely – romance. And then as he led me into the bedroom, a gentle massage with oil before showing me – in a theatrical way, whipping a cloth off the Sybian – the highlight of our evening.

Now I guess you may be thinking that with a repressed background like mine, I might not have been able to deal with it, but the truth is that the Sybian was just the catalyst for the revelation of sexual desire that I’d never really known existed within me.

The minute John started the machine, and I saw the clitoral pad vibrating, I knew there was only one place I wanted to be – on the Sybian. It was like some part of me I’d never known came out to the world!

And believe me, it didn’t disappoint me! To be honest the Sybian brought me to orgasm in a few minutes – and it was one of the most powerful orgasms I’ve ever had in my life.

I won’t go on, because I think I’ve said enough – but the truth is that we went from there to using the dildo that penetrates, thrusts and rotates and throbs, both vaginally and anally.

What I discovered is that it’s really not difficult to overcome a lifetime of sexual repression and lack of orgasm when you have a relationship that is fundamentally sound, and sexual desire that hasn’t left you despite being unattended for years!

It’s totally true to say that the Sybian is the best thing that ever happened to me and my husband. We are happy, I’m content, sexually fulfilled, and of course he’s enjoying wonderful orgasms as he fucks me when I’ve ridden the Sybian. I can’t recommend it highly enough to anybody who feels they might be in a situation anything like ours.

J and J, Texas.

Business professional buys his wife the Sybian for her birthday.

Andy and Samantha, NY

Andy writes:

We have a fantastic lifestyle – to put it bluntly, years of work in the business has made us rich, stinking rich.

And that’s good for me – I can buy my wife everything she wants. And boy does she want a lot! The best of everything.

 I make no apology for it. As far as sex goes, when my wife spotted the Sybian, she knew that was the best thing for her – the finest, biggest sex toy you can buy, and boy did she want it.

And I was ready to buy it for her, just because I indulge her so much – and does that matter? No, because the results of using the Sybian just exceeded any expectations either of us had.

Of course somewhere in me was the sense that I was being sidelined. That did make me wonder, wasn’t my cock good enough for her?

But I needn’t have worried, because when it came down to it, the Sybian isn’t about replacing the man. And in any case I wouldn’t have stood for that – our relationship is based on me providing everything she needs. And that includes sexual satisfaction.

If she wants Sybian to satisfy her, rather than my cock, then that’s the deal I’m prepared to enter into.

But as it happens, the Sybian just brought out the lewd sexual side of her that I’d always known was in there – we’ve had some pretty torrid sexual experiences together in the last 25 years, but man oh man,  I didn’t know this sex demon was inside her.

When she’s on the Symbian, riding it, her juice just pours out of her, and she goes off into an orgasm like nothing I’ve ever seen in any woman anywhere (and I’ve seen a lot). Moaning, screaming, spurting her juice everywhere, this is just incredible, and she howls the house down when she comes.

When she gets off the machine after she’s come, she can hardly walk for minutes, but  is that ever a time when she can lie down! and I can fuck here till she comes again! This is turning into the best sexual experience of my life.

After riding the Symbian, she screams as I fuck her, and we have the best orgasms we’ve ever had.

Not only that, but another aspect of this is that it’s turned her into a sexually demanding woman that frankly at the age of 65 I’m not sure I can keep up with.

Fortunately for me, she’s started bringing herself off on the Sybian every afternoon using the clitoral stimulator – and whether I want sex or not, I get so turned on watching her that that pleasure is fabulous!

J. and W. from Ohio

Female ejaculation on the Sybian
Woman ejaculating while using the Sybian

There ain’t much to do out here in the midwest in the winter, and the cold can be a problem that keeps you in the bedroom, if you know what I mean!

Yeah and of course that’s great for sex, we enjoy that but not having much else to do gets boring after a while.

So our sex lives developed into watching porn and then fucking to orgasm, and it was just getting a bit same old same old.

Like many of your readers we came across the Sybian on the Internet, just a few minutes on a site where we saw women riding it to orgasm was enough to tell us that’s where we needed to go,

Three days later and the UPS man is on the doorstep, strong brown box in hands, completely unidentifable as the biggest baddest sex toy you ever saw (thank heavens) ready for us…..

And straight into the house, ripped the box apart and set the machine up – doing our thing in front of the fireplace – and she’s put her butt on it, well it takes me to tell her to put the clit stimulator on first.

My god, did you ever see the look on a woman’s face like that! Orgasm after orgasm – about nine in all in the space of half an hour…. Poor woman could hardly walk when she got off the Sybian, but I’m so horny I’m tugging my pole out there and then, and respecting the fact that she’d had enough for the day, I jerked off and sprayed cum everywhere I was so aroused.

Now you can imagine this ain’t gonna take long for us to realize that we got something good going here. (Grinding each other in the bed ain’t a patch on the Sybian!) On the rug in front of the fire, curtains closed, spending the evenings doing things we never thought we could – like, she had the double attachment up her cunt and ass at the same time – if you wanna see a woman scream with pleasure that’s the way to do it!

After that she was so horny, the Sybian made her so horny, that she wants me to get inside her and grinde her to another orgasm. Unbelievable!

Now she’s more sexual than she’s ever been, a lot of hollering and whooping as she rides this dam’ machine, I’m holding her while she’s on the machine and spurting up her back as she comes, then screwing her again – I tell you what, all I wish now is that we could invite another couple over to share this Sybian experience with this. And as that’s what she wants I guess its gonna happen quite soon! I’ll let you know!

Follow up email –

Women enjoying the Sybian
Women enjoying the Sybian together

I kind of hinted in our last email that I was gonna invite some neighbors over for a sex party – well you can’t just approach the neighbors round here with that kind of idea! So we advertised in the Internet forums, and we found a couple 50 miles away willing to travel to join us in a sex party.

Had a bit of drink to get the mood flowing, and we gopt out the Sybian, and man – the look on her face – my god was she eager.

So she and my wife are both on and off the Sybian  machine like jack-rabbits the machine, holding each other as each of them comes, while me and her husband Jerk off together.

This was just about the horniest and most arousing, the most satisfying thing, you can imagine. Now I ain’t saying that all you people out there who have a Sybian need to have a sex party with your neighbors – that just ain’t gonna happen, I know that!

What I am saying is that the Sybian can bring you to new sexual experiences you could never imagine enjoying – all you have to do is just try! Good luck.

Offering you the opportunity for sexual pleasure much more cheaply than the Sybian can!