How Does The Sybian Work?

To start with, the Sybian isn’t a vibrator, and it certainly isn’t some kind of artificial penis or a dildo.

So What Is This Amazing Sex Toy?

The Sybian, attachments and control panel
The Sybian, attachments and control panel

In fact, it’s a combination of a high-tech vibrator, with attachments which can be used to stimulate the clitoris or the vagina, and which can rotate, thrust and vibrate in any combination you desire, at any speed.

This sounds like an exciting kind of sex toy – and yes, it’s different from anything else available on the market, because it has unlimited power. Of course, you have complete control of the motion, the speed and the frequency of vibration at all times.

Even though a woman can ride the machine as she receives sexual stimulation, she has a hand control on a power cord, which allows her to increase or decrease the level of stimulation as she chooses.

The Sybian
The Sybian with some of the available attachments

The penis attachment – call it a dildo if you like – can provide vaginal penetration, which in turn allows a woman to receive intense (or, if she prefers, gentle) stimulation to her G spot, allowing her to prolong arousal for an extended orgasm, or to rapidly achieve a quick orgasm – whatever she desires.

And with G spot stimulation, of course there’s the additional thrill of female ejaculation. In fact, many women say that their first experience of female ejaculation was while riding the Sybian.

Woman riding the vaginal attachment
Riding the vaginal attachment

On the other hand, the clitoral stimulator allows you to be consistently orgasmic from clitoral stimulation if that’s what you prefer – and it goes without saying that you can combine both methods of stimulation, to achieve a combined clitoral/G spot orgasm.

It’s this, more than anything else, which produces the Sybian’s intense, pleasurable orgasms.

And even non-orgasmic women find that the Sybian is powerful enough to take them through the “block” on their orgasmic ability into a place where they can experience and enjoy orgasms easily and regularly.

Many women say that the first time they came, particularly the first time they came with G spot stimulation, was while riding the Sybian.

G spot stimulator for use with Sybian
G spot stimulator for use with Sybian

(If you haven’t yet experienced a vaginal or G spot orgasm, you can expect a much deeper and more emotional experience, often involving orgasmic contractions and sexual energy and pleasure flowing through the whole body.)

Is It Good For Men?

Needless to say, for men watching their partners using the Sybian, the experience of intense orgasm and female ejaculation can be highly arousing, and often leads to further sexual interaction between the couple after the woman has had her first orgasm(s) on the Sybian.

And of course not all women are built identically, so the Sybian comes with a wide variety of attachments, sized from small all the way through to “large”, certainly encompassing something that will exactly suit your needs, whether you like to feel full in the vagina, or you like a lesser sense of penetration, or perhaps you have a smaller vaginal barrel which requires a more delicate and slender tool. All of these options are catered for with the Sybian.

And of course we also know that a lot of women aren’t keen on penetration – they’d rather experience clitoral stimulation.

Sybian clitoral stimulator
Sybian clitoral stimulator in use

Well, the amazing orgasm machine that is the Sybian still provides pleasure for you, because there is a specially designed stimulator for the clitoris.

Using this will give you sexual pleasure like you’ve never experienced before, because the prolonged and consistent level of clitoral stimulation required to bring you gradually to orgasm is easy for the Symbian to apply.

Pre-Orgasmic Women Benefit Too!

Should you be pre-orgasmic, then you certainly need the Sybian!

If you’re having any kind of difficulty getting to orgasm, you need the Sybian!

And if you want to increase the intensity of your orgasms, you need the Sybian!

Remember that at all times the level of stimulation that you receive and experience is under the control of the person riding the Sybian, so it’s a completely safe way of exploring how much pleasure your body can give you.

Sybian anal and vaginal attachment
Combined anal and vaginal penetration is easy!

But that isn’t enough for some women! Combining anal and vaginal penetration can produce amazing sensations, perhaps unlike anything else you’ve ever felt before – and believe it or not, you can experience this with the double vagina/-anal attachment for double penetration.

So –  you get superb pleasure! And of course you get what you pay for: the Sybian is expensive.

The Most Expensive Sex Toy Available?

Yes, Sybian probably is the most expensive sex toy available, but then again it’s designed by a qualified engineer, it’s been manufactured for many years in America, it’s thoroughly tested, and it’s completely reliable.

The build quality is excellent, there’s a money-back trial period, and in fact you only need to look round the Internet to see how successful this machine has been.

All of these facts are attribute and a testimony to the powerful ability of the Sybian to bring women to orgasm like no other sex toy.

Woman preparing to use the Sybian
Preparing to use the Sybian

On this very website you can see plenty of information about how people enjoyed it, and the different uses they put it to, but basically what it comes down to is this – if you want thrilling sexual experiences for yourself, with almost guaranteed orgasms, then this is the machine you will need.

It was invented by Dave Lampert in the 1970s, but he didn’t start manufacturing production on a big scale until the 1980s.

Originally, the simple version of the Sybian was basically a frame of wood with a mechanical vibrator protruding through an opening. But as you can see,  the Sybian has now reached a high level of sophistication and comfort. The name Symbian was coined to associate the machine with Sybaris, which happens to be an ancient Greek city with a reputation for luxurious living (i.e. debauchery).

If you’re interested in the specifications, the machine weighs about 10 kg or 22 pounds, it’s about 13 inches wide, 12 inches long, and 9 inches tall – with the rubber attachments sitting on top of that.

Preparing the Sybian for use
Preparing the machine for use

The power cord is around 6 feet or more in length. Driven by a powerful electric motor which produces rotations of the mechanism between 0 and 120 revs per minute, and vibrations at a variable frequency from 0 to 6500 per minute, this machine can satisfy your every need!

It’s built very strongly, and it can support more than 1000 pounds in weight – so you can pretty much guarantee that there’s room on board for you and your lover if that’s how you choose to use it.

Essentially though, when a woman is using the machine she sits astride it, and inserts a chosen attachment into her vagina or anus, and / or uses the clitoral attachment for clitoral stimulation.

Vibration and rotation are controlled with two different controls, and it comes with a variety of dildoes, the clitoral stimulator, and other attachments. These are all made from synthetic rubber and can be protected by using a condom over the attachments.

Women enjoying orgasm
Orgasm achieved!

Offering you the opportunity for sexual pleasure much more cheaply than the Sybian can!