Female Ejaculation and The Sybian

The Sybian is ideal for female ejaculation. And when you see a woman ejaculating during her orgasm, you’re not going to forget the experience for a long time to come!

Female Ejaculation produced by the Sybian
Female ejaculation – aka gushing or squirting.

Female ejaculation is also a massive turn on for a man, sending his arousal to the limits, getting him ready for sex so he can enjoy the most satisfying orgasms he’s ever experienced.

But not only that, women say that the intense sexual pleasure they feel during female ejaculation is the highest level of sexual pleasure their bodies can produce.

So What Is Female Ejaculation?

You could be forgiven for confusion if you read the Internet. Some people say it exists, other people say it doesn’t.

People say the fluid ejaculated is urine, others deny this vehemently.

You have to read between the lines to get a clear understanding of what female ejaculation is – but there’s one thing that’s very clear indeed, to everyone who knows anything about female ejaculation: female ejaculation accompanies the most satisfying orgasms it’s possible for a woman to experience.

Woman having an orgasm
Woman enjoying orgasm

Bring the Sybian into this equation, and you have a machine that can produce female ejaculation and immensely satisfying orgasms very easily.

What we do know about female ejaculation is that it happens because of G spot massage.

If you don’t know about the G spot, it’s just an area on the upper wall of the vagina (that’s to say when a woman is lying on her back) which feels different to the rest of the tissue inside her.

You can discover it with a finger if your partner is willing, and you’ll find that it feels rough and rigid when she’s not aroused, and as she becomes more aroused it swells and becomes tumescent and swollen.

Location of The G Spot
Location of the G spot

What Is The G Spot?

We’re not quite sure but we know it’s erectile tissue, we know it contains lots of nerves, and we know it surrounds the urethra.

We also know that stimulating it with a finger can produce massively satisfying sensations for a woman, probably because it stimulates the pelvic nerves rather than the pudendal nerve is. (You don’t really need to know that!)

We know that when it’s stimulated in a hard and fast way, a woman tends to gush or squirt uncontrollably, and her experience of orgasm is greatly intensified.

We know that when it’s stimulated more gently, what a woman ejaculates is probably prostatic fluid that emerges, fluid produced in the Skene’s glands, which are part of a woman’s sexual anatomy.

When a woman comes through G spot massage, fluid tends to shoot out of her vagina with incredible force. There’s still some debate about the nature of the fluid that is ejaculated when a woman squirts or gushes, but we do know it’s definitely not urine.

And we know that the Sybian, with the probing energy of the Sybian dildo and finger-like attachments, can be a powerful stimulus to a woman’s G spot which brings her to a squirting or gushing orgasm with female ejaculation easily.

So what it comes down to is this:  riding the Sybian not only gives a woman great orgasms, but it can, if that’s what she wants, give her a G spot orgasm with female ejaculation.

Woman riding the Sybian
Woman riding the Sybian

Sexual Pleasure

A lot of what goes on in the bedroom between a man and woman is about pleasing the man sexually – which is not to say that a woman doesn’t get sexual satisfaction, but often both partners are more focused on pleasing the man.

Using the Sybian is in itself is a way of shifting the balance so that the attention is on the woman’s sexual pleasure – and boy, can she have great orgasms on a Sybian!

Going a step further and focusing on female ejaculation really puts the attention on the woman’s sexual pleasure, because, as we said above, female orgasms with ejaculation are just about the most pleasurable orgasms a woman can experience!

Men who may not have been with a woman who’s female ejaculated can find it an incredible experience as well – indeed, the first time a woman ejaculates on a man, he is likely to be quite freaked out!

Types of Fluid Ejaculated

Female Ejaculation produced by the Sybian
Female ejaculation

So just to be sure you know what’s likely to happen, there are two forms of female ejaculatory fluid: there’s a thin clear liquid, which seems to come from the bladder, but is not ordinary urine (see picture).

You can prove this by having a woman urinate before sex play – you’ll find that when she ejaculates, the liquid that comes out is a copious quantity of clear fluid can possibly be your.

The other kind of fluid that can be ejaculated is more creamy and thick; it’s fluid that comes from the Skene’s glands.

Skene's glands
Skene’s glands open onto the vulva.

Which type of fluid probably depends on the intensity of stimulation the clitoris and G spot receive – which gives you the opportunity to experiment for yourself and experience the exciting phenomenon of female ejaculation.

Using the Sybian can really help you in this experimentation and make it much more easy for a woman to ejaculate – especially when she’s riding the Sybian and reaches orgasm.

Any couple who experience the intense pleasure of female ejaculation will soon see how amazing it is, and how much it can add to your sex life – fluid ejaculated has been called Amrita in the Hindu tradition, nectar of the goddess, for good reason.

It tastes very sweet and to most men is very sexually arousing and delicious.

Why is that?

It’s because female ejaculation symbolizes the absolute abandonment of a woman to her sexual nature, the giving of herself over to the sexual energy she embodies, which will flow completely through her body with no restrictions – and when that happens, there is a sexual energy in the room beyond anything you can experience in any other situation.

And, like the clitoris and the experience of female ejaculation itself, the Sybian is devoted solely to producing female sexual pleasure.

Indeed, the Sybian can produce pleasure far greater than anything else you could ever begin to imagine, surpassing the best orgasms a woman’s ever experienced.

Woman coming on the Sybian
Woman coming on the Sybian

Now, despite the attractions of female ejaculation and the immense pleasure that it can produce, comparatively few women ever actually achieve this happy state.

You see, it can be quite difficult to achieve female ejaculation if your partner and you have never experienced it and you are not taught by somebody who knows how to do it.

So the very real advantage of The Sybian is that it can allow a woman to female ejaculate – which in turn can allow a woman to express the deeper side of her sexuality.

For women who are inhibited, and want to try female ejaculation, The Sybian is so helpful! Some preparation is recommended:

  • You might want to get a thick towel which can put under the Sybian to absorb the surprising amount of fluid ejaculated.
  • You might want to have plenty of lubricant, because the stimulation of the G spot necessary may be quite forceful and may go on for a little while – lubricant will make it much easier for the woman to tolerate this is a pleasurable experience.
  • And it’s also important that the woman isn’t inhibited by feelings of shame or sexual inhibition.
  • Female ejaculation is a natural process but it does require a woman to switch into a state of complete sexual abandonment.
  • Also, it’s better if she goes to the toilet before sex begins, so that she can empty her bladder – that way she is absolutely certain that what comes out of her when she ejaculates is not urine!If that if that isn’t a problem for you, then don’t bother about this – some people don’t mind playing with urine during sexual activity: it’s entirely up to you. 
  • Now, the first movement of fluid through the urethra feels exactly like peeing, so if a woman tries to stop herself peeing when this starts, nothing will happen. She won’t ejaculate – so she must have a sense of complete abandonment, which allows her to ejaculate freely. 
  • In any case, after a couple of seconds she’ll certainly realise that something very different that she’s not experienced before is beginning to happen.

Having said all that, you do need to work up to female ejaculation slowly – you need plenty of gentle foreplay, fondling, cuddling, caressing and kissing – so that both partners get aroused.

How to explore the G spot
How to explore the G spot

And then you might want to move into oral pleasuring, having the man stimulate the woman’s clitoris with his tongue while he inserts a finger and gently stimulates the G spot.

How to explore the G spot
How to explore the G Spot

Simultaneous breast stimulation can also be very arousing for many women.

If you don’t know where the A spot or the U spot are located, they’re worth investigating too, because they can dramatically increase sexual arousal in a woman.

Assuming you know where the G spot is (having explored her vagina with a finger, as, hopefully, she has done herself) you can insert the Sybian dildo into her vagina, and she can maneuvre her body on the machine until she finds her G spot is being directly stimulated by the vibration of the penis-like insert.

Start the motion of the Sybian insert in your vagina slowly.

Increase the strength of the movement of the internal insert in your vagina if you want to reach the point of orgasm and/or ejaculation faster.

Whatever strength of stimulation you use, the key is that when you reach the point of feeling you are about to pee, you need to “bear down” and push out the fluid.

This will tip you over into orgasm, and you will have an astounding experience! 


Of course there are many ways of actually achieving this using the Sybian – it’s such a versatile sex machine.

You can let the Sybian insert massage the whole of the G spot area, or you can thrust your hips in a motion which mimics sexual intercourse, or you can gently rock forwards and backwards on the insert.

The Venus For Men - Partner to The Sybian
The Sybian and attachments
G spot stimulator for use with Sybian
G spot stimulator for use with Sybian

We recommend trying the moving insert at a slow level of movement before turning up the power – this way you can get to know exactly how your body is going to respond.

And it’s also helpful if you have the clitoral pad in place: that way, you can lean forward on the machine to get clitoral stimulation at the same time as your G spot is receiving stimulation.

You’ll soon get the hang of this, and there is indeed a specific G spot attachment which comes with the Symbian, which looks like a fearsome object, but can really get you to orgasm in a way nothing else can.

Sybian and attachments
Sybian G spot attachment

When you feel your vagina is beginning to contract, or you develop the sensation of needing to pee, it’s time to bear down.

It helps at this point if you can massage the area where your urethra opens into the vulva while also stimulating your clitoris and G spot – this makes it much easier to ejaculate.

And if you are a man with your woman while she tries this, you need to reassure her, and supply positive encouragement and a relaxed atmosphere in which there’s a kind of acceptance and permission to ejaculate, no matter how drenching her fluid may be, no matter how much fluid emerges.

It’s also important to remember that a woman can ejaculate multiple times before she’s run out of ejaculatory fluid.

The Sybian lets you ejaculate multiple times if you take a slight rest between ejaculations and then turn the stimulation from the Sybian again.

Whatever happens, it’s easy to enjoy intercourse after she’s ejaculated – simply having the woman lean forward and expose her rear will probably allow her partner to join her in rear entry sex on the Sybian – perhaps even while she’s still receiving clitoral stimulation from the Sybian’s clitoral attachment.

The possibilities are endless, and so is the pleasure!

Offering you the opportunity for sexual pleasure much more cheaply than the Sybian can!