Sex Toys To Make Every Woman Come!

The Best Sex Ever!

Men! Are you wondering how you can improve sex – to make it something really special – for both you and your partner? Well, you can – and it’s easy with this incredible sex machine.

It’s called the Sybian. Far from being a simple vibrator or entry level sex toy, the Sybian is a powerful orgasm machine which allows any woman to have as many orgasms as she wants, whenever she wishes.

The Sybian
The Sybian – a powerful sex machine which reliably produces female orgasms.

This machine can bring your partner to orgasm, easily, quickly and effortlessly, every time you make love!

As a man you may feel frustrated about the difficulty of bringing your partner to orgasm.

Well, this is the answer: a machine which will help your woman enjoy unlimited orgasms each and every time you have sex!

Male and Female Pleasure

We all know that men’s orgasms much more easily achieved than women’s.

And sometimes it can seem difficult or even challenging to bring a woman to orgasm.

The Sybian being prepared for use by a woman.
Woman preparing the Sybian before she rides it.

Yet at the same time, we know that you want to make your partner happy, to give her sexual pleasure – and that’s only natural: it’s part of a man’s sexual self-esteem to be able to bring his woman to orgasm easily.

And the Sybian is a fantastic way of arousing a woman intensely and helping her enjoy orgasm easily before or during intercourse.

Your Partner’s Arousal Makes Sex Better For Both of You!

You’ve probably had the experience of being with a woman who’s incredibly aroused, extremely turned on, and you’ll have felt the sexual intensity of that arousal when you entered her and made love.

This is where the Sybian triumphs – not only does the Sybian provide immense pleasure for women, but it can make sex much better for you, too!

You see, when a woman’s intensely aroused, either before or after orgasm, she’s wet, swollen, and welcoming, and the pleasure of sex for you during penetration and thrusting is much more intense!

Yes, using the Symbian to arouse a woman is a great way to make sex more satisfying and pleasurable for YOU AND HER!  

The Sybian
The Sybian

But it doesn’t stop there!

Imagine that not only is your partner massively turned on, but that she also reaches orgasm while you’re inside her – her vagina throbbing around your penis, gripping you and sending you into convulsions of orgasmic ecstasy, with her muscles throbbing to the rhythm of her orgasm as you climax uncontrollably inside her.

The Reality Of Great Sex With The Sybian

Yes, and this doesn’t just have to be fantasy – it can be the reality of sex for you both, even producing simultaneous orgasms!

So while you throb and spurt powerfully inside her, she comes too – squeezing you with her vaginal muscles as she comes uncontrollably, leaving you both shaking with long lasting sexual ecstasy, bonded by the power of the most intense orgasm you’ve ever experienced.

Literally hundreds of men and women have told us that using the Sybian makes it easy for women to enjoy this kind of orgasm, whether it’s during sex play or intercourse itself.

And when a woman’s happy during sex, her man is certain to enjoy it more.

The full force of unlimited sexual energy he feels in his woman can make a man’s experience during sex much more intense: and the Sybian is the easiest way and quickest way to achieve this.

But what about the woman on the Sybian?!

So often women don’t get the fulfilment of the satisfaction or sexual pleasure that they deserve during sex play or intercourse.

Often they’re left with a sense of disappointment and failure, let down perhaps, by failing to reach orgasm more often than not. Then sex might become a chore, or something that a woman does just to please her man.

What an irony, and what a disappointment!

Because female sexual desire and orgasmic intensity can be far greater than male sexual desire – in some ways, the woman is the powerhouse of sex, the source of sexual energy for both her and her partner.

If she isn’t enjoying sex to the full, then sex can be a disappointment for members of the couple, and that’s when something needs to change!

The great news is that the Sybian can make it change – the Sybian allows any woman to enjoy unlimited powerful orgasms, as often she wants to climax.

Woman having an orgasm on the Sybian
Woman reaching orgasm while riding the Sybian

It’s a promise we can make with confidence, a promise that comes from our experience of using the Sybian, selling it, writing about it, and making videos about it for many years now.




What is The Sybian?

The Sybian is a sophisticated machine which allows any woman to enjoy orgasms as often she wants to do so, with more intensity and pleasure than she might have believed possible. 

In short, the Sybian can open a whole new world of sexual pleasure and enjoyment for both members of a couple. It can produce intense mind blowing orgasms for a woman, for as long as she cares to enjoy them.

She can enjoy orgasms during masturbation, vaginal orgasm, orgasms during foreplay. She can enjoy anal orgasms if that’s what she’s into, and G spot orgasms, too – all of which will be of almost unimaginable intensity.

We welcome you to our Sybian review, where we will show you a world of sexual pleasure were orgasms flow freely and intensely, coming as often as you want, whenever you want.

Read on to find out how it works!

Of course you could describe the Sybian as a mechanical sex machine – and even though that’s not a very attractive description, it’s certainly accurate.

But the words alone don’t do the machine justice, because this is no sex toy.


Sybian and attachments
Sybian and attachments

It’s a full size adult sex machine that can bring a woman to orgasm, in a way that she can’t resist, in a way that will reduce her to a shaking, quivering state of orgasmic bliss.

With a powerful motor, the soft pliable warm penis-like dildoes move in any way she wants: she can make them vibrate, rotate, thrust, throb or press, with any measure of force or strength that she wishes….

….  and she can do this either on her clitoris, her vulva, or internally in her vagina or anal passage (or indeed both of the latter at the same time).

The Sybian is able to offer almost unlimited variations of stimulation to any woman who wants to take advantage of its unlimited orgasmic power.

In short, the Sybian is a machine that can deliver completely variable stimulation to vagina, clitoris, vulva, perineum, anus, and G spot in any way that you desire, and in any combination you want to try.

You can imagine that with sexual capacity like this, orgasms are never far behind when the Sybian is in use!

And they are orgasms like you’ll never have experienced before, orgasms so pleasurable that they’ll leave you astounded at the capacity of your body to enjoy pleasure.

Having said that, it’s important to emphasize that you’re in complete control of what the Sybian is doing – with adaptable controls you can turn pressure and speed of thrusting and movement up and down to suit whatever mood you’re in.

You can tantalize yourself by hanging on the edge of orgasm as long as you desire, or you can reach orgasm quickly and powerfully!

The amazing sexual energy of the Symbian can do all this and more for you….. it really is no exaggeration to say that the Sybian can take you to levels of sexual pleasure you never dreamed possible.

Men and The Sybian

Although men often feel they might be left out of the experience, the truth is very different!

In reality, a man can enjoy seeing his partner aroused in reaching orgasm in a way that he might never imagine possible. Watching a woman reaching orgasm so quickly and so powerfully is incredibly arousing for a man.

And in fact, when a man enjoys sexual intercourse with his partner after she’s ridden the Sybian to orgasm, he’s going to be so aroused and she’s going to be so aroused that the experience will be totally different to any sex they’ve ever had before.

Women who enjoy the benefits of the Sybian, the sexual pleasure that it can provide, say that it increases the excitement of normal intercourse, somehow sensitizing the vagina and the G spot so they are much more responsive to normal intercourse.

This means women often develop vaginal orgasms during normal intercourse after using the Sybian.

Hopefully as you read through this website you’ll realize how the Symbian can transform your sex life into something that you’ve never experienced before.

Venus 2000 masturbation machine for men
Venus 2000 masturbation machine for men

This machine is inexhaustible – and men can join in the fun not only with the Sybian, but with the Venus 2000 – which can operate as a cure for delayed ejaculation or a  source of pleasure in its own right. The Venus 2000 masturbation machine for men promotes ejaculation and orgasm – and it’s especially helpful for men who have any kind of problem ejaculating.

Female Ejaculation

Female Ejaculation produced by the Sybian
Female ejaculation

Not only that, but the Sybian can produce female ejaculation.

And if you haven’t experienced this before, the sight of a woman ejaculating she comes as something that you will enjoy for the rest of your life – and hopefully something you will repeat over and over.

Female ejaculation is a complete turn on for both a man and a woman – for a woman it produces orgasms of an intensity unlike anything else.

For a man it produces massive arousal, with the possibility of the immense and powerful orgasms that come from such high arousal …. not to mention a huge sense of sexual pleasure and satisfaction, and real bonding with partner.

And of course the perennial question of anyone who is interested in female ejaculation is – well, what is it?

And  if you’re interested in the Sybian, you may also be wondering – how does the Sybian produce female ejaculation?

The answer to this is that female ejaculation is the powerful ejaculation of fluid produced in different parts of a woman’s body during sexual arousal.

What you see on the Internet, in many films and videos of female ejaculation, is something we call “gushing” or “squirting”. This appears to be the ejaculation of large quantities of clear fluid, very different to the chemical composition of urine, during intense sexual stimulation of the G spot.

It’s probably a reflex response caused by stimulation of the nerve complex inside the G spot, and it appears to be fluid ejaculated from the bladder. Certainly the quantity of it suggest that it can’t be female prostatic fluid.

You see, female prostatic fluid is the other kind of fluid which woman can ejaculate at orgasm. This is produced by glands around the urethra, called the Skene’s glands, which are made up of tissue like the prostate tissue in men.

With intense sexual stimulation of a woman’s G spot, this fluid can build up and spurt out during the contractions of orgasm.

Many people are interested in female ejaculation, but I suspect few achieve it, because it seems so complicated and difficult, and the instructions and information about it can vary from place to place.

But with the Sybian, there’s no difficulty – you can experience female ejaculation whenever you want, and you can experience the glorious and powerful orgasms that go with it.

For a man it’s incredible to watch woman ejaculating  – this can be a turn-on like nothing else.

Sure, you can massage the G spot with a finger, or you can do it with the relentless probing energy of the Sybian’s sexual attachments.

Large quantities of the special female fluid which has been described as the “nectar of the goddess” will shoot out from a woman’s urethra in powerful spurts when she comes.

And the Sybian makes it easy to experience this amazing sexual experience, even when a woman’s never been able to ejaculate before.

This comes right down to the amazing stimulation a woman can receive from the Sybian. This means a woman is very likely to ejaculate when she’s riding the machine. You can read more about female ejaculation on this website.


Offering you the opportunity for sexual pleasure much more cheaply than the Sybian can!